Don't fight the hydrant, Fight the fire!

Contact us to schedule your spring, summer or fall hydrant inspections, fire flow tests, valve exercises or field demonstrations.

Our personnel will meet with the water district to review the project guidelines and answer any questions on procedures. The project will be conducted in accordance with the AWWA M-17 manual for “Fire Hydrants, Installation, Field Testing, and Maintenance”. Any pressure zone in the distribution system will be identified on the existing water atlas prior to developing the fire hydrant flow-testing program.

All of the fire hydrants will be recorded on the water atlas and assigned numbers, using the water district’s existing numbering system, prior to the fire hydrant flow-testing program. All of the pertinent information for each fire hydrant that is flow tested will be documented. This data is critical to establishing an ongoing flow-testing and maintenance program.

Maintenance Planning

To ensure that a hydrant will work correctly when it is needed, periodic testing and maintenance programs must be followed. Although hydrants are operated by members of the fire department, it is generally the water utility’s responsibility to maintain them in working order.

Fire Flow Inspectors Inc. maintenance program will save water district time and money.

The following is a list of information gathered:

  • Static Pressure
  • Residual Pressure
  • The fire hydrant address or location GPS
  • Flow, GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
  • The amount of time it takes to flush each fire hydrant
  • An estimate of water used during the operation of each fire hydrant
  • The date tested and technicians operating the fire hydrant
  • Pressure inspection tests conducted on hydrants in the spring and fall
  • Fire Hydrants that are in need of repair, painting, color coding, or have operation defects will be noted

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